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International Swine Industry Symposium
2012 Symposium Speakers

  2012 Internation Swine Symposium was held on October 25-26 in Shanghai. We have invited below prominent speakers to purely provide education for the industry.

  They are:

  Dr. Guoyao Wu (Distinguished Professor of Texas A&M University)

             Topic: Nutritional Means for Minimizing the Loss in Litter Size and Birth Weight / Requirements of Non-essential Amino Acid.

  Dr. Hans H. Stein (Professor of Animal Nutrition at the University of Illinois)

             Topic: Recommend Program for Energy, Protein, Amino Acids and Phosphorous By-products from Corn, Soybean and dairy.

  Dr De Wu (Director of the Animal Nutrition Institute at Sichuan Agricultural University)

            Topic: Nutritional Technology for Improving the Litter Siz at Weaning.

  Dr. Brian J. Kerr (Research Leader/Lead Scientist of USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Ames, Iowa, USA)

             Topic: Fiber Utilization by Pigs.

  Dr. Joy Campbell (R & D Director at American Protein Company)

             Topic: Understanding the Biological Stress of Early Weaned Piglets.

  Dr. Ron Ball (Alberta Pork Producers’ Research Chair in Swine Nutrition, Canada)

             Topic: Requirements of Sows.

  Dr. Bob Goodband (Professor/Extension Specialist at Animal Science & Industry of Kansas State University)

             Topic: The Current and Future Nursery Program in US / Requirements of G/F Pig.

  Dr. John Pluske (Director of the Animal Research Institute at Murdoch University)

             Topic: Feed Additives Related Aspects of Gut Health and Development in Pigs.

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