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International Swine Industry Symposium
2010 Symposium Speakers

  2010 Symposium, the first session, was held on October 13-15 in Shanghai. We have invited below prominent speakers to purely provide education for the industry.

  They are:

  Dr. Guoyao Wu  (Professor of Texas A&M University Associate and Texas)

             Topic: Intestinal Amino Acids Biochemistry and Nutrition.

  Dr. Adam Moeser  (Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University)

             Topic: Nutritional and Immunity of Early Weaned Pigs.

  Dr. Joe Crenshaw  (Associate Professor, Animal and Range Science Department, North Dakota State University)

             Topic: Application of Immunonutrition.

  Dr. Gary Alle  (Professor, in Department of Philosophy-Nutritional Sciences & Unit Leader in Dept. of Animal Sciences for University of Missouri- Columbia.)

             Topic: Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition.

  Dr. Brian J. Bequette  (Associate Professor, in Department of Animal and Avian Science, University of Maryland, College Park)

             Topic: Peptides Absorption and Utilization.

  Dr. David Meisinger  (Executive Director of the US Pork Center of Excellence)

             Topic: Introduction of the New Swine Nutrition Guy.

  Dr. Bing Yu  (Associate Professor, Assistant Director of Animal Nutrition Institute Sichuan Agriculture University)

             Topic: Nutrients and Gut Health.

  Dr. Romain D’lnca  (Swine Specialist in France)

             Topic: Intestinal Physiology and Growth.

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