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International Swine Industry Symposium
2016 Symposium Speakers

  2016 International Swnie Industry Symposium was held on October 20-21 in Shanghai. We have invited below prominent speakers to purely provide education for the industry. They are:

  Dr. Dermot J. Hayes  (Pioneer Chair in Agribusiness Iowa State University) 

             Topic: China Within the Global Pork Industry: Competiveness, Risk and Substainability

  Dr. Harinder Makkar  (Animal Production Officer at FAO Headquarter)

             Topic: New Protein and Energy Feedstuffs for Sustainable Swine Feed and Pork Production

  Dr. Hans H. Stein  (Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois)

             Topic: Use of Feed Technology to Improve the Nutritional Value of Feed Ingredients Fed to Pigs

  Dr. Guoyao Wu  (Distinguished professor of Texas A&M University)

             Topic: Protein Hydrolysate in Animal Nutrition: Industrial Production, Bioactive Peptides, and Functional Significance

  Dr. Jaap van Milgen  (Research Engineer; Nutrition and metabolism; INRA)

             Topic: Optimization of Pig Production through Precision Livestock Feeding

  Dr. Nathalie Le Floc’h  (Senior scientist at INRA UMR1348)

             Topic: Response of Growing Pigs to Environment and Health Stress and Adjustment in Dietary Nutrient Profile and Content

  Dr. Defa Li   (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering & Professor of Animal Science of China Agricultural University)

             Topic: Research In China Pig Net Energy System

  Dr. John F. Patience  (Professor of Animal Science Iowa State University)

             Topic: USDA Swine Feed Efficiency Project: Final Report and Recommendations for Improvement

  Dr. Flemming Thorup  (Chief investigator at Pig Research Centre, SEGES)

             Topic: Reduced Antibiotic Usage

  Dr. Daiwen Chen  (Vice President of Sichuan Agriculture University & Professor of Animal nutrition Institute, Sichuan Agriculture University)

             Topic: Gut Microbiota: The New Target of Animal Nutrition

  Dr. Deb Hamernik  (Director-At-Large to the ASAS Board of Directors)

             Topic: Synergism Between Chinese & American Swine Industry 

  Dr. Roger Campbell  (Chief Executive Officer: CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork)

             Topic: Competiveness of the Australian Pork Industry

  Dr.Thomas Kaufmann  (German Environmental Expert)

             Topic: Sustainability: Key Parameters to Measure Ecological Impact of the Swine Feed Industry and Ways to Improve It

  Dr. Alborali Giovanni Tosi  (A diplomat at European College Porcine Health and Management (ECPHM) & President of Italian Association of Swine Pathology and Breeding (SIPAS))

             Topic: Alternative Strategies to Control Multi-resistant Enteric Pathogens and Improve Performance in Swine: Focus on Enzymes, Essential oils and 1-monoglycerides

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