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International Swine Industry Symposium
2014 Symposium Speakers

  2014 International Swine Symposium was held on October 30-31 in Shanghai. We have invited below prominent speakers to purely provide education for the industry.

  They are:

  Dr. Defa Li  (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Animal Science of China Agricultural University)

             Topic: Feed Ingredient Evaluation - China Project Progress Report.

  Dr. Hans Stein  (Professor of Illinois University)

             Topic: Nutritional Evaluation of New Feed Ingredients.

  Dr. Niels Kjeldsen  (Head of Swine Nutrition Research Dept within the Danish Swine Research Centre)

             Topic: Maximizing Productivity - 30 pigs/sow/yr - World's Best from Denmark.

  Dr. John Patience  (Professor of Iowa State University)

             Topic: USDA/ISU Feed Efficiency Project Progress Report.

  Dr. Gerald Shurson  (Professor of Minnesota University)

             Topic: Feed Fat Quality Measurements and The Impact on Growth Performance of Pigs.

  Dr. Debra Aaron  (President of ASAS and Professor of Kentucky University)

             Topic: Dos and Don'ts of On-farm Trials.

  Dr. Steve Pollmann  (Senior Vice President, Support Operations of Murphy-Brown LLC)

             Topic: Operational Analysis of World's Biggest Smithfield.

  Dr. Joe Crenshaw  (Director of Research & Technical Services, APC Inc)

             Topic: Functionality and Bio-safety of Porcine Originated  Protein for Weanling Pigs.

  Dr. Jason Sewell  (Senior Nutritionist of NF Protein, LLC)

             Topic: Functionality and Bio-safety of Porcine Originated  Protein for Weanling Pigs.

  Dr. Chris Piotrowski  (Senior analytical chemist of AB Vista ·Aunir)

             Topic: Taking NIR beyond Feedstuff Analysis to Enhance Pork Production Profitability.

  Dr. Jaap van Milgen  (Research Engineer of Nutrition and metabolism from INRA)

             Topic: Concept and Application of Ideal Protein for Pig Industry.

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