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Since its establishment, Gentech Group has been adhering to the mission of “Value innovation through integrating worldwide resources” and achieved remarkable economic and social returns. With the fast expansion of our Group business and profound cultural accumulation over the last twenty years, accordingly our mission is revised to To create value for you through integrating worldwide resources”, which has been well elaborated by Gentech people through their diligence and wisdom.

This new mission is set as our core objective to pursue professional development of our business, to communicate global latest findings in this area with peers and to bring significant values for industrial participants through resource integration.

The values created by Gentech people are featured with more abundant diversification, focusing more on sustainable development and harmonious coexistence with all interested parties. Through continuous upgrading of value creation, we dedicate ourselves to delivering numerous benefits to other enterprises, individuals and the society on a gradual basis.

The revised mission has especially highlighted “You” in its wording, taking the following into consideration:  

You” includes all the interested parties such as clients, suppliers, stockholders, employees, society, etc.

You” indicates the Group’s concern, respect and thoughtfulness to the benefits and values of all interested parties.

You” implies the Group’s sincere kindness, humbleness and high consciousness of responsibility.

To sum up, “Integrating worldwide resources” is the vision and also the basis of Gentech business, while “To create value for you” is the goal and responsibility of Gentech people.

To Create Value for You Through Integrating Worldwide Resources
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