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On March 14, 1997, Shanghai Gentech Industries Co. Ltd., the first company of the Gentech Group, was officially established. In its early days, the office furniture was poor, staffing was incomplete, and as a new entrant in market found it difficult to move forward, yet, none of these were able to stop the passion in the entrepreneurial team.

By becoming an exclusive distributor or licensee of global leading products and technologies, Gentech made itself a window for technology development. Beginning in 1997, Gentech has successively distributed plasma and red cell protein products from APC, Inc., Biopowder from Mexico AGROIN, DPS from NF Protein, LLC(formerly known as Nutra-Flo), Lacto-butyrin from Italy SILO S.p.A, etc. At present, Gentech has already become the industry's leading service provider of feed ingredients and functional additives.

Starting from 2004, Gentech started to working on the set-up of joint ventures in China with its partners:

  In 2005, BFI Innovations (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was set up with BFI UK. 

  In 2005, BFI Innovations (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was set up with BFI UK.

  In 2007, APC (Beijing) Protein Feed Co.,Ltd was set up with APC, Inc.

  In 2010, APC (Shandong) Protein Feed Co.,Ltd was set up with APC, Inc.

  In 2011, Jiangsu NF Bio-tech Co., Ltd was set up with NF Protein, LLC.

  In 2012, Nantong Silo Feed Science & Tech Co., Ltd. was set up with SILO S.p.A.

  In 2014, The Mau Production Co., Ltd was set up in Vietnam.

  In 2016, APC (Linyi) Protein Feed Co., Ltd was set up with APC, Inc.

The establishment of the joint ventures involves an extension of faithful cooperation and results in the satisfaction of creating win-win situations for partners and customers.

In 2007, Gentech began to diversify beyond feed. First, it expanded into food business by establishing distributorship for La Belle, Inc. for the import and sales of colostrums from USA. With the development of food business segment, Guangdong Natramall Food Co,Ltd. were established in 2012. The diversified product portfolio has grown to include infant formula, wine and other health care products.

Leveraging its existing premium international resources, in 2009, Gentech invested and established Shanghai USEA Import and Export Co.,Ltd. to expand its feed business segment from feed ingredients, feed additives, finished products into the import and export of feed commodities.

The year 2012 saw the commencement of cooperation with CSIRO and the establishment of Guangdong Maritech Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for the NovacqTM and related technology being applied to aquaculture, which marks the beginning of Gentech marine biotech business.

In 2013, financed by IDG and other venture-capital firms, iCell Sustainable Nutrition officially entered into Mainland China. It applies its globally unique patented technology to create win-win opportunities for partners, the environment and the society. iCell business is organized into three main segments: environmental biology, animal nutrition and organic fertilizer. Currently, iCell has a presence in China, the United States, South East Asia and other regions, which marks the significant progress that Gentech sustainable business has made.

In 2016, a new Gentech subsidiary, Mascot (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd., was set up and began working with Swedencare AB and other high quality international companies to bring safe, healthy and advanced pet food, supplements and health care product to Chinese pet owners, laying the groundwork for the start of pet business.

During the course of diversification development, Gentech also has opened up a new chapter in overseas expansion. Starting from 2012, Gentech jointly held Chinese Swine Industry Symposium with American Society of Animal Science every two years, which is widely recognized as a high-ranking education platform by the industry. With the growth of the overseas business, joint ventures abroad have been set up successively after year 2012 such as Australia Governor Robe Wines, Australia Messor Grain, and Vietnam THE MAU PRODUCTION, etc.

From distribution and private labeled production during the start-up period to the subsequent joint venture and diversification and current international development, every step has verified the management team’s pragmatic and smart thinking on making Gentech into an international player. The management team is resolute that Gentech will further push forward the implementation of stock options and nurture the growth of the whole team’s executive ability in order to achieve the goal of employee self-management. We all believe and know that under the leadership of the management team and with the strong executive ability of the employees, Gentech will not stop in its move ahead towards an even bigger, brighter and more international future.

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