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Shanghai Gentech Industries Group

Shanghai Gentech Industries Group, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Shanghai, is now a multinational and multi-industry group of companies.

It operates in 5 major segments: feed, food, marine biotech, sustainable nutrition and pet business. Feed business segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of feed and feed ingredients and functional additives as well as trading of commodities; Food business is specialized in infant formula, colostrums, yogurt, wine and other health care products; Marine biotech segment is in the business of technology being applied to aquaculture like improving the performance of shrimp; Sustainable nutrition is to provide global cutting-edge solution to recycle underutilized nutrients discharged from wastewater treatment system of brewery and beverage to produce single cell protein; and pet business is to bring safe, healthy and advanced pet food, supplements and health care product to Chinese pet owners.

Gentech has an explicit business strategy based on sourcing high quality raw materials and branded products from all over the world to be used in China. We have created strategic alliances with our business partners. For instance, we are currently a joint venture partner with APC Inc, the largest plasma producer in the world, where we import plasma products from USA and also have several joint production facilities in China with that same company. To date, Gentech has over 10 subsidiaries and factories, which are focused on different specialized products. Many of them remain their leading position in local market and even bring brand new solutions to meet the needs of China market. Our overseas business is also growing. For example, we have our joint venture Governor Robe Wines in Australia and THE MAU in Vietnam.

Gentech has its own central lab and owns a 500-Sow Pig Research Facility. Our lab provides inside and outside test. And, in the facility, we have been researching in sow reproductive management and providing customers with solutions to sow feeding management.

Moreover, Gentech seeks the most suitable talents, presents a trustworthy platform to its employees for self-enhancement and success, and wishes all Gen-tech people to build a promising career together along with the prosperous growth of Gentech Group.

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