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1. Dr. Wang Genhu

 Renowned professional

 PhD.in animal Nutrition and Feed Science of South China Agricultural University

 Current Gentech Technical Director

2. Hla Aung, DVM

 Senior Veterinarian

 Veterinary degree, B.V.Sc.(Rgn.) 1977 ; CPD(Nagoya) diploma, Japan,1980

 Current Gentech Veterinary Director

3. Dr. Yuyu

 Renowned professional

 Former Asia Regional Director, National Renderers Association

 Gentech R&D Center Director

4. Professor Wu Guoyao

 Ph.D, Distinguished professor of Texas A&M University Associate and Texas

 Current Gentech Group senior consultant

5. Jin Wei

 B.S, in animal nutrition & M.S. agriculture development in Beijing Agricultural University

 Gentech Feed Technical Director

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