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Gentech Central Lab is situated separately in Dagang Township, Songjiang Disitrict, Shanghai, with over 200 sqm of areas, including multifunction physical and chemical experimental area, scales area, sample treatment area, lab station, heating chamber, sample storage room, microbiological testing room, atomic spectra room, HPLC room , NIR room, etc. It is equipped with a variety of imported precision analytical instruments such as Perkin Elmer ICP and UV-Vis, Shimadzu HPLC, FOSS NIR, semi-automatic kieldahl apparatus, ELIASA, sample digestion furnace, Cyclone Mill, fat extractor, etc.

1) provide basic physical and chemical analysis including moisture, protein , fat , ash , KOH, pepsin digestibility, VBN, starch, sugar, fats , phospholipids, mycotoxins, vitamin, fungi, total bacterial count, salmonella, etc;

2) test amino acids, nucleotides, small peptides, IgG with HPLC;

3) detect calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, heavy metals and the like with ICP;

4) quantitative quick scan of conventional ingredients and feed with NIR, mixing homogeneity detection, NIR spectra analysis of product function, analysis of carriers content, and qualitative monitoring of additives, etc, and,

5) carry out test of enzymes, probiotics and other aspects in order to provide scientific basis for the application and quality of feed additives.

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